Jennifer Bate Organ Academy Part 2

Since Monday, St Catherine’s School in Bramley, has been home.

Twelve girls ranging from 14-19 years old have been enjoying all things organ. We have looked at Baroque, Romantic and Modern music. We’ve played organs in the school and surrounding churches, the harmonium and the harpsichord. We’ve conducted orchestras and choir. We’ve looked at concertos, hymns and improvisation. All in all we’ve developed skills, techniques and friendships!

I don’t have any photos, although I hope to get some sent through, but here is a picture from the gala dinner last night with some course tutors, previous attendees and of course the students.

This afternoon as friends and family gathered in the chapel,

our group led Evensong, taking turns to play, conduct or sing with the remaining group in the choir. I conducted the responses

and played the final voluntary.

Heading home, I’m tired and happy at all I’ve achieved and look forward to attending again in the future! It’s very nice to be home though and to see my cat, Pepper!

One comment

  1. Anna What a huge step up in every aspect of your church music, especially organ playing and conducting. and how wonderful that you have achieved all this at your age. Love the cat picture too!


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