Pipe Up!

Today a group of Pipe Up! students met to play a short concert at Edington Priory.

It was lovely to be back there again, I do enjoy playing their organ and having had a chat with the organist there I have been invited to take the bench when he is away again the future as I did last month which is very exciting!

The joys of Pipe Up! concerts are many. Most of us know each other, having played with the scheme for several years and so we (and parents) have become friends. As a result, we all support each other. There is no expectation for pieces to be perfect, the idea is that we have the opportunity to play organs we might not otherwise have access to and we get to play in public. Often we use the opportunity to play pieces in public for the first time in preparation for exams.

Today I did just that. With grade 7 looming I played Menuet Gothique and In dir ist freud. The recordings are from the rehearsal time with Chris page turning for me. It feels really strange needing a page turne!

I wasn’t as happy with my performance as I was the rehearsal. One of the reasons was the position of the organ bench, it was too far forward for me to be comfortable playing the pedals. Note to self, double check I’m happy before I start playing next time!


  1. Anna your image is a bit “fuzzy” on screen. But nothing fuzzy about the playing, with lots of tricky counterpoint, as ever, in the Bach. The keyboard sounds noisy – maybe just the recording. I thought that they’d put in a new organ quite recently. Perhaps with tracker action? Lots of impressive pedal work too.
    Well done on a really busy day.


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