A Michael Concert!

Exam season is drawing near and so, as in other years, Michael arranged a concert for his pupils. Rather like the Pipe Up! group, we all know each other well and we’re there to support each other as we have one last public outing of pieces before our exam.

Whilst I’m not taking a singing exam this summer, these concerts are a good opportunity for me to build my confidence of solo singing in public.

This evening I sang Domine Deus by Vivaldi. I tried to remember all I was told from my last solo and I think there was some improvement. I might even have almost smiled at the end!

Domine Deus

My second performance was a grade 8 piano piece, Gigue by Bach.

I was really quite pleased with how I played it and even if I wasn’t smiling broadly at the end I did have a smile in my head!


I’ve said before, these evenings are a great experience for all the students who attend. We enjoy a variety of grades and instruments and hear how others interpret a piece of music we have, are or will play. Now we all need to do our final preparations for Friday, exam day!


  1. These concerts are so crucially important and indeed essential if you’re learning an instrument. I bet they’re great fun!


  2. I like the way you voice the parts in the Gigue so that they are equal, always hard to do. And the strong rhythmic pulse is excellent too.


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