Bishop of Ramsbury

Today the Bishop of Ramsbury came to take our service at St John’s. It was a joyous service with choir on full form including despite no rehearsal on Friday night due to half term.

Bishop Andrew gave out the Deans and Bishops Award medals to those who took the exams last month, seven of them in total and three more take their Gold Award tomorrow!

I played the voluntary at the beginning and end of the service. It’s the first time I’ve played the end voluntary, it meant I missed the final descant and the Ascension Day rocket, but it was great to be playing in the service, a huge privilege with the Bishop visiting. My final piece didn’t go quite to plan, there was so much going on around me I think I got a bit distracted but I did get a round of applause which was kind!

Here’s a recording of the first voluntary.

Menuet Gothique


  1. So glad this special occasion went well and just sad that I couldn’t be there. But it has been a wonderful music course


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