Seend Summer Concert

This evening I took part in the Seend Summer Concert, Organists by my teacher Michael.

The church looked beautiful in the evening summer sunshine.

We enjoyed a mix of music; singing by three choirs including Philomel Singers which my Mum sings in, a flautist, violin duet, cello, solo singing and of course the organ! The church has a very Victorian organ in a very tiny organ loft up a very narrow staircase! There is no space to move the organ bench or for more than one other person to be in the loft with you.

I popped up earlier in the day for a rehearsal. I’ve played there before but not for a year so it took some getting used to. The pedal board is quite ‘clunky’ and the pedals are narrow and straight which is not what I used to. The keys are very heavy in comparison to the electric organs I play but they’re a great workout for the fingers and it’s always good to experience different instruments!

Rehearsal at Seend is a snippet of the piece I played from rehearsal. BVW615 .

It was a lovely evening with a very supportive atmosphere and some really talented performers. It was a privilege to be invited to be part of it.

One comment

  1. Goodness me – sounds like original tracker action – a real workout for both hands and feet. Brilliant effort to make the Bach sounds so fluent on this instrument. But you do always look very serious!


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