St Peter and St Paul

This evening our choir had the privilege of singing in St Peter’s Church, Marlborough. It’s the second time we’ve been invited to sing at the Patronal Festival service. This time we were in the company of the Bishop of Ramsbury, Bishop Andrew who delivered a thought provoking sermon about keys.

St Peter and St Paul’s Church is beautiful. Outside it’s relatively ‘normal’

but inside, it’s relatively ornately painted in places and has a stunning stained glass window. Some of the painting is attributed to William Morris who attended Marlborough College. Sadly the church is ‘redundant’ although there is a lovely selection of craft shops and cafe.

Until this evening, I didn’t know that Cardinal Wolsey was ordained in this church. His home, Woolf Hall, was in Savernake Forest, on the outskirts of Marlborough.

As our choir led the service, we sang the anthem, one I wouldn’t miss for anything, Beati one of my favourite pieces. I hope you enjoy it.

Next week is the last week of term. I have my grade 7 organ exam and in just over a week I’ll be starting work experience at Guildford Cathedral which I’m really looking forward to!

One comment

  1. I’m sure it was wonderful. Really enjoyed the anthem. It was beautifully sung.Good luck with your organ exam and work experience. Enjoy. X


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