Guildford Cathedral Work Experience

This morning I got up very early (4.30am) to head to Guildford. Katherine Dienes-Williams, the Director of Music, had invited me to do work experience and I jumped at the chance. I met her and Richard Moore the Sub Organist, at Lanesborough School for the boys chorister practice at 7.50am. It was really interesting to watch. I learned some conducting skills, heard new music and really enjoyed the light-hearted but hard working session.

We headed up to the Cathedral and I worked with the Organ Scholar in the library sorting music and new files before lunch.

After lunch I had a rehearsal session on the organ. I’d been asked if I’d like to play the voluntary at Evensong and felt so privileged. Philip Moore was a DOM at Guildford and so his Paean piece seemed really appropriate to play. It was one of my grade 7 options.

In the afternoon I did some more file and music sorting, before attending Evensong, which was beautiful. Male voice only is not something I’m used to hearing and I really enjoyed it. The music is below. I page turned for Richard and then played my voluntary at the end of the service.

Tuesday is a long day in the cathedral. Straight after the service we had the girl chorister rehearsal. It was really fun seeing a similar group to the one I sing with at St Johns. They were very welcoming and again I picked up conducting tips, heard new music, found out about the awards they’re working for and loved the fact that in the break they had squash and brownies!

Tomorrow is a day off, but we’re (my Mum and I) going to Hatchlands to see the amazing instrument collection there and hopefully play the organ!


  1. That looks like a fantastic 20th century Cathedral Anna, and such a spacious non-claustrophobic and even holistic ambience, possibly the only ‘feng shui’ cathedral in England. And isn’t work experience fun these days!


  2. Anna what a splendid achievement, specially because this time you were on your own for page turns and registration and into a very long day. Another triumph


  3. Awesome stuff as always! By the way, are you legally able to drive that “monster” of a car? 😉


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