Guildford Cathedral Work Experience part 2

I’ve had another fantastic day on work experience. I met Katherine at 7.35am and we headed to Lanesborough School for choir practice. I learned more about the choristers and some new skills and heard new music.

Back at the cathedral we had a diary management meeting with a team of people from catering to safeguarding, music to clergy and everyone in between. It was interesting to see how everyone worked together with plans and ideas for the academic year ahead. I’d love to see how the plans come together but sadly won’t be here to do so. I shall certainly be visiting though!


I had some time to work with the Organ Scholar on the music for next year for the choir before enjoying some more time on the organ, giving me a good opportunity to rehearse the hymns and anthem for the TOSE course.

Following lunch I had a conducting lesson with hints and tips from the whole music department. What an amazing privilege to be taught by those with so much experience. I was offered the chance to conduct the responses at Evensong. I nervously agreed. I know it’s just a matter in confidence.

Back in the office I read some gospel readings for the next term, and wrote a summary sentence or two for each. This was so Katherine could choose appropriate anthems each week.

With choir practice at 5pm the girls choir rehearsed with the men. They are such a lovely group of people and when I conducted they were fun, responsive and gave me confidence. I did conduct the responses in the service. AND my teacher Chris and his wife Jenny made the journey to come to the service and see me. How lucky am I to have such support?!

I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings!


  1. Yes indeed you have been offered fantastic opportunities and it is wonderful to see you taking them and growing in confidence all the time. Well done and maybe have a break now?!


  2. What wonderful opportunities have been opened to you this week. You are indeed very fortunate. Enjoy the rest of the week No doubt you will gain much confidence and many new skills. Good luck


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