Guildford Cathedral Work Experience part 3

It’s been another interesting day of work experience at the Cathedral. I met Richard at 7.35am to head to Lanesborough School for choir practice. Richard held practice this morning and it was interesting watching him instead of Katherine and pick up some more tips. I noticed today that the boys put up their hand if they make a mistake, indicating they’re aware of their error and no need to stop rehearsing.

After rehearsal, the Organ Scholar and I sorted some more music for the year ahead, put covers on some of the books and I continued with the gospel summaries. I also enjoyed some piano practice time, while the Organ Scholar used the organ ready for the evening service.

Following lunch, during which I started planning the service for my Gold Award, I headed back to the office and ordered music, put on protectors and sorted the music for Evensong. It’s amazing how long what seem like simple jobs take.

At 4.30, the boys arrived for rehearsals and ran through the service with the male voices. Katherine was away, so Richard conducted and the Organ Scholar played. I page turned, which with the speed of her final voluntary was quite nerve wracking.

Tomorrow is a day off, but I shall go to Evensong with the visiting choir. Sunday there are two services which I shall attend. I’m rather sad my time in the music office is over. It’s been a brilliant insight into how the department works and the role of an organ scholar. It’s made me want it even more!

This evening I’ve been writing and planning more of my Gold Award service. The Baptism of Christ. I’ll share it here in due course.

One comment

  1. Long days and hard work Anna, very well done for carrying all this through. And for your appreciation that what seem simple tasks can take a long time. Gold Award plans already – great


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