Guildford Cathedral final day

I’m sad say goodbye to the cathedral today, having had such a brilliant week of work experience. This morning choir practice was boys and men’s voices and they were in fine form. I sat in the nave for the service which felt a little strange! However, it meant I appreciated the music as the congregation do. There was a lot more singing than we do at St John’s, my favourite part of course was the Latin Gloria!

After the service I went out for a delicious lunch (Queens Head, East Clandon). Meanwhile the music department played their annual cricket match (Dec won!).

I’d not joined the match because I wanted to take advantage of being in the area and visit Clandon Park. A property destroyed by fire three years ago and very interesting to see as plans for restoration are made.

I then went back to Hatchlands and had another play on the organ, watched by a few small children at the end of there visit to the property. When I’d finished playing the room steward asked if I’d like to go on the volunteer rota to play, what a compliment! Sadly it’s a little too far to travel to do that.

Back at the cathedral the full choir, girls, boys and men, rehearsed together. They are so powerful together. It was their last service of the term and quite emotional as they had the valediction of several choristers, one bass singer (who sang the most outstanding solo of ‘Five Mystical Songs’) and awards. There was an amazingly supportive congregation of friends and family to enjoy the service and celebrate with the music department.

And so it was time for me to say goodbye and more importantly thank you for a fabulous week of experience and insight into the day to day roles of a music team. I’m so grateful to everyone who has enabled me to do it.

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