Gillingham Methodist Church

I visited Gillingham Methodist Church today to rehearse for my first recital. I am honoured and very proud to have been invited to perform my own recital but I never expected to see my name in print outside the church!

I have really enjoyed putting the programme together for the event. I don’t have a vast repertoire and with everything that’s been going on I’ve not had time to add to it. Initially I was going to play my favourite pieces from each grade. Baba suggested I base it on my ‘firsts’ and I’ve really enjoyed doing it. Going down ‘memory lane’ I’ve revisited the first piece I ever played on the organ, the first concert piece I played right the way through to the first Cathedral voluntary I played just last week. It’s a true story of my organ playing progress and I think once I’ve written about why pieces are important it will really come together.

Once things are finalised I’ll publish my programme on my blog!


  1. Greetings Anna, I noted your page about Gillingham and plan to attend on September 15th. I write this on July 23rd because I have an appointment with Gordon Amery in two days time. He kindly, rather rashly I felt, said I may have a slot next year, but my response was: he should conduct a proper audition. So we will meet on Thursday 25th. (I plan to include my recent transcription of Beethoven’s 5th.) Many good wishes for your recital. Send me your programme.


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