St Magnus Cathedral

After a few busy weeks at the start of the holidays, I’m now on holiday. Today however, my Mum had arranged for me to play at St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall (Orkney). I can’t pretend it’s my favourite Willis organ I’ve played, but it was a treat nonetheless.

The building stands out amongst all others in the town and is very pretty, especially inside.

Initially I thought it might just an electric organ as the pipes are hidden away behind the ornately carved ‘box’ behind the altar.

The organ is Henry Willis, I stalled in 1925 and had extensive work carried out in 1971.

The cathedral is owned by the council (rather unusual I think) and so we had to pay to play! As I played several people came to sit in the choir stalls to hear me, some came over to watch me. Baba and I had gone through my recital pieces earlier in day. I didn’t have much music with me, but Fanfare was in one of my books, so I played that along with my grade 7 pieces. I enjoyed experimenting with setting the stops myself.

After my hour was up I packed away, another organ played and opportunity taken. Now I’m back on holiday for a few weeks!

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