Results day!

The long awaited results day has finally come.

At Stonar we take FCSE’s in languages in year 9, so even if we don’t continue with them to GCSE level we have a qualification. So I could concentrate on music a bit more I dropped Spanish in year 7, but continued French and today received a distinction!

In year 7 I started Latin as a club and then had lessons in years 8 and 9. We take Level 1 and some take Level 2 (they’ve been described to me as GCSE Level but without the same amount of course content). As well as the exam there is a controlled assessment element for both. I’m so to have been awarded an A* for both L1 and L2.

To say I’m bouncing is and understatement. Hopefully in two years time things will go equally as well. My GCSE subjects are English Language, English Literature, Maths, RS, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Geography, History and of course Music!


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