Bath Abbey

Today is the first day of the choir term and we started with singing Evensong at Bath Abbey. It was so good to be back with everyone. Sadly, Mr Totney was unable to be with us, but he arranged for us to be in the capable hands of Richard McVeigh on the organ and John Challenger conducting us.

The Abbey is undergoing a great deal of work at the moment and so the chairs and choir stalls have been removed and hoarding put up which has ‘windows’ so you can see what is being done.

As a result of the work the seating is in the chancel and there are much clearer views of the high altar.

The choir stalls are at the back of the chancel.

Our music this evening was:

It all came together really well, following a rehearsal in the Song School and then in the stalls. It was so good to be back with everyone. We really missed Chris but it was interesting being in rehearsals with John and Richard and another opportunity for me to pick up more skills.

Bath is easy to get home from, so we’re not staying over like we usually do for tours. But, this is a tour (of sorts), tomorrow we’re back at the Abbey for Communion and Evensong and plenty of time with friends! I can’t wait!

Oh and I have a new piece of organ music to order, Howells Rhapsody No3. Richard played it this evening, it’s awesome!


  1. Glad you all had a good time! Brahms sounded great – and don’t tell me I missed some Howells afterwards?! Have a great day today and I look forward to hearing all about it!


  2. Anna Always ahead of everyone else. Yes I thought that this was a really fine performance, especially considering that we had no prior rehearsal and most people hadn’t sung for six weeks. Top line rose to the occasion brilliantly – a very happy day all round


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