Bath Abbey Part 2

Today choir met at Bath Abbey for part 2 of our ‘tour’. We were very lucky to enjoy beautiful sunshine all day!

There was a service taking place when we arrived so, following a brief rehearsal in the Song School, we sang for the Eucharist service. We were lucky to have John and Richard with us again. As much as we missed Chris, we knew we were in good hands and I think we worked extra hard to make Chris proud of us. The music is below. Beati is one of my favourite pieces and I think we sang it really well, with a special ‘sneaky’ recording of it sent to Chris! Despite the works being carried out, there was a very large congregation. One commented to a choir parent that we were outstanding!

After the service we headed straight for our traditional lunch at Pizza Express. It’s a special time with choir friends to chat and laugh!

We returned for another rehearsal ahead of Evensong. Again there was a really good congregation there and the service had a lovely atmosphere. At the end of the service Richard played Allegro Vivace (Part 1) from Symphony No5 by Widor. Richard invited me to the organ loft to page turn for him which was an awesome treat to end the weekend. He really made the organ sing!


  1. I am indeed a proud choirmaster and now a proud Dad too! So glad you had such a great weekend – and what a way to finish, watching Richard play the Widor! Looking forward to being back with you all next weekend!


  2. Anna Always ahead of the rest of us. Thank you for this lovely post that exactly catches the achievements and the spirit of a splendid week end of services.


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