My first recital!

Today I think I have been through every emotion there is! I’ve been nervous, excited, teary, weary, happy, proud and by the end of it all on cloud 9. I had a ball playing my first recital at Gillingham Methodist Church this afternoon.

I as invited to play this recital about a year ago. I jumped at the chance and felt so lucky to have been given such an amazing opportunity. We all have to start somewhere I know, but it takes an enormous amount of faith for someone to give you that first opportunity. Gordon Amery, who organises Music at GMC had that faith and trust in me and I will be forever grateful.

Despite knowing I was 14, having just passed my grade 7 exam, there was a healthy audience of around 40 who had come to hear me play along with friends and family. Baba worked so hard on narrating my performance so the story made sense. Chris was a rock, by my side the whole time and Gordon ensured the whole process ran smoothly and that I remained calm.

I was so proud to see my name on the programme and my music listed. The piece in red was played by Chris to give me a short break from playing. I can’t deny, my hands were tired by the end of the event!

This is a long video, it is of the whole event. If you have time, do listen to the story. It’s my organ journey and I’m very proud of it. I hope upload a slightly edited version in due course.


  1. I watched it yesterday. Fantastic. I really miss going to organ and piano recitals but the last one I went to it was my ex-piano teacher who played both of Lefebure-Wely ‘s Sorties….real church organ meets fairground organ fusion. Good to play on Christmas morning.


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