War of the Worlds

Whilst I love playing the piano and organ I’ve also wished I’d kept playing the violin so I could play in an orchestra. I wonder if that is why I enjoy being part of the choir so much, working with others.

Over the last couple of weeks however, as a keyboard player (a new experience for me), I have been part of a 30 piece orchestra with strings, keyboards, drummers and electric guitars. They’ve made me welcome. They’ve encouraged me and helped me while all along I’ve been learning music brand new to me. I’m so glad I know the music now, it’s been added to my playlist!

On Thursday night we had a dress rehearsal at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon. All of a sudden the reality of the show and what I was part of hit me. A 650 seater theatre, three shows and sitting on stage as part of the team.

It’s been exciting seeing my name in the programme.

But most importantly it’s just been awesome being part of the team!

Thanks to Gail Foster for this photo

The music has been great fun to play. As well as playing ‘piano’ I supported strings and of course played other sounds, I think ‘rubber band’ was my favourite! I’ve had to concentrate from start to finish to ensure I came in at the right time with the right sound! Lots of counting, lots of feet tapping and lots of head nodding. My Mum reckons my head must have nodded 20,000 times on Saturday with the beat!

It has been the most incredible hard work, brilliant fun experience. I can’t thank Anthony Brown enough for the opportunity. AND I can’t wait to do it again!


  1. Have you got the original recording of TWOTW from 1978 narrated by Richard Burton?? I’d recommend it to anyone….its on Spotify too.


  2. Congratulations Anna on another first. It’s very hard work being part of an orchestra that has to be so responsive to what’s happening on stage. But it’s a brilliant experience of team work and musicianship


  3. I knew you would enjoy it! I have spent many happy years “in the pit” playing musicals and pantomimes. Happy days😀 Mike


  4. It was a great honour to see you. You were brilliant and I enjoyed every moment. Yet again felt so proud of you. Granny x


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