Ian Tracey at GMC

This evening I headed straight to Gillingham after school to a GMC Music event. This time I didn’t need to worry as I wasn’t playing. Instead I was there to hear Ian Tracey from Liverpool Cathedral give his fourteenth recital at the church.

Looking at his programme there was a lot of new music for me to hear. I so enjoyed every single piece! I loved his version of ‘Praise the Lord’, which must look up and purchase, it is a new arrangement written by Ian and beautiful. However, my favourite of the evening must be Cesar Franck ‘Choral Nr.3 en la mineur’. I discovered that Franck put great detail in his works, indicating which stops he wanted to be used, so the player and listener alike have real insight into how he wanted it to sound. I have never seen so many stops used or heard so many sounds in such a short space of time from the organ. It was sensational playing!

I really enjoyed the information Ian gave about each piece before he played it. He said why he had chosen it, sometimes said why he liked it, a little bit about the composer and about playing the piece. This really brought something extra to the evening. It is of course easy when the organ is in full view of everyone rather than hidden away in a loft.

I’ve been told I must hear Ian play in Liverpool, so that is something I shall try and do, but if ever he is in my area I again I shall make every effort to hear him!


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