Choir Concert

On Saturday evening St John’s choir gave a concert as part of the Calne Music and Arts Festival. We’ve had such a busy term we’ve been unable to rehearse new music for the event so, we retuned you some old favourites. As we ran through the programme in rehearsals it was great fun reminiscing about when we first learned some of the music or sung it in public.

We sang ‘O quam gloriosum’ at the first concert I was ever involved in with choir which was on Jamie’s sixth birthday, he’s now 13. ‘The Lord Bless you and keep you’ (our encore piece) we sang in Penzance during our choir tour and on the beach at Marazion to a couple who had just got married and had come to the beach for photos. Such great memories!

We were supported by Dominic Irving on the piano. He played a couple of beautiful pieces during the concert which allowed us short breaks to change music and have a quick drink.

It was a privilege to be part of the festival and we were all pleased our performance was well received. Soon we’ll have a normal choir weekend, it might seem a little dull with all the wonderful experiences we’ve had of late!


  1. Many appreciative comments on our performance have come through. As ever a special shout for the magnificent work done by the top line.


  2. What a wonderful repertoire you have, and so wide ranging. Just my kind of concert. The Parry and Stanford would be the icing on the cake for me! Mike


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