Come and sing with the RSCM

This afternoon I attended a ‘Come and sing with the RSCM’ event, hosted by St John’s Church and run by Sarah Baldock. I’ve met Sarah before on courses but they have been organ led, it was great to be with her on the singing side today.

The theme was Celebrating the Seasons and we looked towards Christmas, with familiar and less familiar music. Many of St John’s choir were there but we were joined by other singers from the region. It was good to work with them and pick up some new singing (and conducting) techniques.

At the end of the afternoon we held a short Evensong service during which I played a voluntary.

Sarah encouraged the trebles to watch me play, it was slightly nerve racking being watched, but it was an opportunity for people to see how the organ works. Whilst some might be familiar with it others, certainly in our choir, aren’t and some saw feet and stops working for the first time.

We finished the afternoon with cake and tea. A great afternoon of RSCM community.


  1. Anna Yes St John’s I thought did a great service to church music and you played a special part in it. It’s not all touring to Cathedrals; we need to nourish church music at its roots in parish choirs and this we all did.
    But you were amazing at dealing with the “public” so well


  2. My local church choir told me to take a long walk down a short road when I enquired about joining in 2015….so for me it’s just singing Welsh hymns in the shower!


  3. I know that nerve wracking feeling of being watched at close quarters! I used to play during the summer in a large country house, and the console was totally open, so the public who were wandering round could come up and observe at close quarters and chat – even while I was playing sometimes. Usually it was lovely comments about the repertoire, or comments on something that brought back happy memories. A German tourist once left me a £5 tip. One of my fellow organists was so totally disconcerted by this close availability that he put up a rope barrier to keep the great British public away and at a distance!


    • It was like that at Hatchlands, tourists or the visiting organ association watching on! I was asked if I’d like to go on the playing rota though so I can’t have done too badly, just a shame it’s 100 miles from home!


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