Stars Appeal Concert

I was delighted to be invited to play as a soloist at the Philomel Singers Stars Appeal Concert on Saturday in Westbury Methodist Church. My Mum belongs to the choir and the Director, Michael, is my piano teacher. Annabel is another of his pupils, she has a sensational voice!

I enjoyed watching my Mum sing with her choir and listening to music I was not otherwise familiar with. Her singing in the car now makes much more sense to me! The choir sang tweleve pieces of various genres including a piece composed by another of Michael’s pupils, Ella, who is my piano duet partner.

The organ (listed in NPOR) had 2 manuals and a short pedal board. Thankfully the pieces I had chosen (Paean and Menuet gothique) didn’t require a full board! Another thing to consider when choosing music in the future, that and to make sure that I won’t slide off the bench in the clothes I’m wearing as happened with Menuet, thankfully a cushion saved the day for Paean!

I really enjoyed the evening and it was good to be involved with an event raising funds for such an important cause.


  1. Anna As I said to you I think – we had a disaster in our summer Evensong course when we turned up and the “Victorian organ” had one manual and 8 pedal notes! Always, always get the specification of an unfamiliar instrument so that you know what you are in for


  2. Have you ever had a go at playing a reed organ that has to be pumped by the players’ feet? Nonconformist chapels in Wales are full of them that are being sold or (sadly) going to rack and ruin as these chapels close one by one. I know of a couple of Anglican churches near Ludlow that have no electricity whatsoever and have these types of instruments installed.


    • The church on the lake we sing at (see a July post) is similar to that. It’s fun to play by candle light but I feel sorry for the person who has to hand pump for the service!


      • A lot of the reed organs I mean have two bellow pumps that look like swell pedals and consequently are pumped by the player so they are one person operated. But of course they’re usually only single manual. That said they produce a wonderful neat uncontrolled and unrefined ribald sound!


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