First lesson!

I gave my first lesson today. Sitting in my Great Grandma’s chair that she sat in to teach the piano, I taught Thomas for an hour.

I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the experience, I’m not very patient and I didn’t think teaching would bring out the best in me. However, Thomas really wanted to learn and happily took in the information I gave him. I taught him about different note lengths, we clapped some rhythms, tried a scale or two to help him understand the importance of correct fingering and finally went on to a piece, which by the end of the lesson he was playing very well!

I don’t know who was more pleased at the end of the lesson, me for teaching a piece or Thomas for learning it and having played a baby grand! Either way I’m delighted to have my first pupil, who I will be teaching each week for 20 mins after school.

I think Great Grandma would be very pleased to see her teaching chair being put to good use!


  1. I am sure you will enjoy one-to-one teaching. I, like you, started in my teens, and 60+ years later am still going. I am teaching a few retired folk now who are playing for the joy of it, and am free from the restrictions of the ABRSM syllabus. School music teaching is a different ball game!!


  2. And very best wishes to Thomas as he embarks upon his own musical journey. I hope you can learn so much yourself from teaching him. Why don’t you write an account of your very first piano lesson and share it on your blog? Just a thought.


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