The support I have from all those who are part of my music life is phenomenal. Chris is now encouraging me to start conducting St John’s choir. This will be a little daunting, but very exciting.

This evening, following a RSCM Gold Award rehearsal, we ran through conducting Locus Iste which I will be doing with the choir in a few weeks time during a service. Tonight it was just Chris, the organ and me. Next week we’ll add the choir at a practice and then a congregation and service! It’s very strange leading Chris rather than following him!


  1. […] In the evening the full St John’s choir were part of the Choral Festival and I conducted Locus Iste in front of an audience, the first time I have done this. I was slightly nervous, but enjoyed the experience and as I grow in confidence I am sure my technique will improve. Still I kept the beat and maintained eye contact with the choir. Conducting […]


  2. Anna You will be great, as always. Just please remember that the tenors have a difficult solo entry with Irreprehensibilis Est


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