Fauré Requiem

It was a privilege to be the solo soprano at the scratch Fauré Requiem held at St Andrew’s Church in Heddington this evening.

Arriving before the main group of singers and audience, I had a run through with Chris at the organ. NPOR listing

This was my first big solo and with around 100 listening (singers and audience) I was determined to do it justice, especially when the programme had me listed along with James who also sings at St John’s, Chris the conductor and of course Chris both of whom are professional musicians!

The evening was in aid of An African Dream and the evening started with a short talk about the charity.

James and I sat at the front where I had a great view of the choir and conducting (more tips picked up!) and of Chris playing. My time came to sing the solo of Pie Jesu, here’s my offering to the evening. Pie Jesu at Heddington

The whole work lasts around 45 mins and is very moving to hear in full. It was described by conductor Chris as being a funeral piece but without being solemn throughout. It is certainly easy to listen to and follow although the programme helpfully had an English translation (my Latin is not that good!).

At the end of the performance James and I were invited to stand for the applause and were given gifts of thanks. I now have beautiful flowers on my desk, keeping me company as I study. A delightful evening to be part of.


  1. Anna, I was playing bridge tonight with your grandparents and they asked me if I had been singing The Faure on Saturday. If only I had known you were their granddaughter, I was singing Alto and was absolutely bowled over by your solo, it was so beautiful, well done.


  2. Mr Totney is from where I’m from! There are lots of Totneys around Dudley and Sandwell, in fact there was one in my class at school!! I did have an inclination when I saw his name on your blog he’s got to be from the Black Country as it’s a pretty uncommon name away from here!!!


  3. Anna Yet another first – well done again. So very hard to stand and sing a solo that is one of the best known pieces of church music. Another triumph


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