The Organ Magazine

It was back to school for me today, just six weeks until the Christmas holidays and lots to fit in to that time, Remembrance Sunday, Gold Award, Devizes Eisteddfod and more.

Coming home today and seeing this….what a brilliant start to this half of term! Cover, contents and article, wow! I’m feeling very proud! Thank you The Organ Magazine.


  1. Anna So glad to learn that your research has reached the wider audience that it deserves. It was a huge undertaken and superbly written up. Let’s hope all the publicity leads to productive results.


  2. Well done, Anna. The world of the serious organ is quite a minefield…but an interesting minefield, if such a thing can ever exist!!!! Just think, if my mother had said to me ‘Yes David, you can have piano lessons’ when I asked her as a seven year old, I’d be a part of it all now…..Would be good to hear you on something like Good Morning Sunday (Radio 2) or even on Choir and Organ (Radio 3) talking about this!!!


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