A busy music weekend!

On Friday we celebrated the end of term at Stonar School with a service at St Stephen’s Church in Bath. As people took their seats I played the organ, a series of pieces I’m keeping going and some favourites. Chris picked me up early so we could have a run through before choir arrived.

We held a traditional nine lessons and carols service with several pieces by the Chamber choir composed by Nick Goodall our Director of a Music.

In the evening we had the Christmas Tree Festival at church.

It was a mix of music, magic, stories and poetry. I played a couple of pieces on the organ and was so touched to be given a gift (chocolate) at the end. My Baba came along as Father Christmas! I love this picture!

On Saturday, following an organ lesson, the choir treble line went carol singing at a care home in Devizes. It’s a highlight of our choir year I think as it brings such joy to those who make their way to the lounge to hear us and sing along. People walk, come on frames, arms and in chairs. It’s very humbling.

Following this we had carol singing in town. I also enjoy this. People who don’t normally hear us stop for a while to do so and it never ceases to amaze us as people drop coins into our collection buckets.

Sunday was a normal day and so to the holidays, music, revision, projects and family fun!

One comment

  1. Yes hard work doing 2 hour plus concert in unheated church and also carols at Care Home plus in the street. But these all mean a great deal to people, some of whom may not have any chance, or maybe wish, to come to a formal church service. Choristers, as ever, amazingly dedicated


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