Merry Christmas!

St John’s choir have had a busy 24 hours, but it’s been a really good busy! Yesterday, we started with our traditional decorating of the choir stalls. The treble line on each side choose a theme. This year we had the church at Christmas and Christmas round the world.

The Crib service is always well attended, we have a tableau created by some of the children who attend the service and we also have a donkey visit.

Following the service I went for dinner with my family at The Bear Hotel. We had a delicious meal and then we had carol singing in the bar with choir.

My parents and Granny headed home, but Baba, Jamie and I went to Midnight Mass, which starts with choir singing carols for half an hour while people take their seats. Once again we had a really good congregation and I felt choir sang really well.

Following a few hours sleep, we were back to church for the Family service, before Christmas celebrations at home – which are just about to start!

Happy Christmas to all my readers and followers – I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Another wonderful year at St John’s choir in which Anna you have played a very special part.
    Now we all deserve time off till Bristol Cathedral on 5th January. Happy New Year


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