Bristol Cathedral

It’s been another unusual start to the choir term. We visited Bristol Cathedral to sing Eucharist and Evensong. So, it was an early start from Devizes, boarding a coach to take us all there.

When we arrived, we went to the song school for a quick warm up, before going to the choir stalls for a rehearsal. Once again I was thrilled to see our church in the published music list. We were very lucky to have James Lancelot join us again as organist and play some amazing music!

Bristol cathedral is very definitely one of my favourite cathedrals. It’s a beautiful building built over several periods. The acoustics are superb, the stone rood screen makes the chancel quite an intimate area but sound resonates through the building.

I was very lucky after the Eucharist to be able to play the organ. This image details the history of it.

It is scheduled to have some work done in a couple of years time. From the sounds James got out of it you’d never know! I enjoyed my time on it, giving one of my new pieces, Karg-Elert Nun danket alle Gott (Op. 65 No. 59) a play.

And then Menuet Gothique from memory.

Following lunch (at Pizza Express of course), we had a quick walk around the harbour area before returning for an Evensong rehearsal and service.

We headed home tired, but very happy with our performances and looking forward to the beginning of term at school.


  1. I’m sure your Mother was delighted you liked the cathedral so much. It was the place where she received her degree certificate. We are proud of your playing as well as your mother’s first class honours degree.


  2. Another amazing day out for St John’s choir. A very long day with not quite our full forces, but still brilliant singing.


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