Birthday celebrations!

Today I celebrated my 15th birthday! Being a school day started with celebrations with friends at school. Back home, we enjoyed an afternoon tea. It’s become a new family tradition which we’re all loving!

Celebrations continued…I had a fantastic organ lesson. I’m making real progress in my grade 8 pieces, they’re challenging but great fun to play!

Next was choir practice with a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday!

And finally, we had our annual choir party which involves skittles, plenty of pizza and choir awards. Most are just fun; always late, biggest mistake etc, but there’s the odd serious one. I was awarded ‘Most improved senior chorister’. I was truly delighted!

All in all a fantastic 15th birthday and the end of a superbly exciting and rewarding year. Here’s to the next one!


  1. Belated Happy Birthday to you
    Belated Happy Birthday to you
    Belated Happy Birthday dear Anna
    Belated Happy Birthday to you!!


  2. Fantastic skittles party. What a great way to celebrate your birthday, start the New Year and welcome Belinda as new Head Chorister


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