Wimborne Minster – PipeUp!

Despite the slightly overcast weather when we arrived at Wimborne Minster this morning, we had a super time.

I had the opportunity to play there as part of the Salisbury Diocese PipeUp scheme. Previously this event, an opportunity for those who play and those who might like to play, to try an instrument of note, has been held in Salisbury, but the work of course still continues on the restoration. There were thirteen of us today, from a grade one piano student who had never played the organ through to a grade 8 organ student and just about every level in between! We started with an introduction about the organ and various sounds from the keyboard and pedals and then players took their turn to experience the instrument.

These events are always great fun. Really supportive and encouraging. Mistakes don’t matter, pieces can be for piano or organ and there is plenty of help on hand. Several of us go to as many of these events as we can and it’s always good to hear how others are getting on and send them good wishes.

There is an appeal being run for organ at Wimborne Minster at present to allow for an overhaul. Whilst it may be slightly tired (I wouldn’t have known unless I’d been told!), it has an incredibly bright sound and so Paean by Philip Moore was an obvious choice!

We left Wimborne for Kingston Lacy, just up the road. By now there was glorious sunshine, perfect for a walk round the gardens, and when we went into the house, another organ, sadly not accessible for playing!

Thank you PipeUp Salisbury for another splendid opportunity. Without this scheme I’d never have even considered playing organ! Thank you Wimborne Minster for allowing us to play.


  1. Some really top quality pictures there Anna, especially the Baroque organ at Kingston Lacy. You really are so so lucky in lots of ways with your music, it’s truly opening door after door for you and other young musicians via the PipeUp scheme, long may it continue.


  2. I must be getting really old as, in my memory, the Wimborne Minster organ was refurbished not so long ago.
    Those stunning trumpets were made brilliant. Anyway glad you had such a great day


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