Rehearsals at Marlborough College

It’s been another stormy day, but that didn’t stop the majority of The Fulltone Orchestra meeting at Marlborough College for a rehearsal of The Planets.

I’ve not visited the chapel before. It really is quite stunning inside and the organ did not disappoint!

We were set up quite quickly and it enabled me to have a play on the organ before we started rehearsing our ‘out of this world’ programme. Karg-Elert’s piece is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. Loud and proud on a new instrument is certainly the way to go! Nun danket alle Gott sounded fantastic. I was a little nervous on the keys initially with the reversed colours but it was a joy to play.

With rehearsals underway I had to quickly learn to follow a conductor from a camera (needless to say the image below was not the view I had), but I loved the challenge and soon felt comfortable. Plenty of counting and watching!

I’m really hoping next week I’ll be able to share a recording or two, because our 70 piece orchestra is really making fabulous music. As a keyboard player it’s a real treat to be part of it.

We finished a little earlier than planned. Possibly a good job, the A4 on the way home was flooded in places. I know this is nothing in comparison with some and I’m very grateful to be able to get back home safely and be in the warm and dry.


  1. So glad you enjoyed the Chapel where I sang for over 30 years and the organ, which of course is after my time. Delighted that you had a really good practice on this large instrument before next Saturday. I’m sure all will go very well, just sorry that I can’t be there.


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