Half Term Work

It’s just over a year since I published Inspiring Organists of the Future and it’s six months since The Organ Manual was launched. Never, did I think either would be received as they have. I have been totally overwhelmed by it. Of course, part of the use of ‘The Organ Manual’ is that it is kept up to date and relevant. To help with this I write a post each month with things I have spotted going on in the organ world, but I also invite ‘guests’ to write a post each month.

Over half term I have been writing to various people in the organ world, some who I ‘know’ or met in the past, but some totally out of the blue. I have been stunned that all those I have written to have said yes, they’ll put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write something for ‘The Organ Manual’. In the matter of a couple of days I have the whole of the next year sorted for guest features and I am thrilled!

To my friends who read this and don’t do ‘organ’ these names may not mean anything to you, but to those organ fans who follow this blog you’ll be as excited as me. This month Hugh Morris, Director of RSCM wrote a piece, next month I publish a piece by Gerard Brooks, President of the RCO. Going forward, as well as some superb friends of mine (who will, I have no doubt, be big names in the organ world one day), Daniel Moult, Matthew Salisbury, Anne Marsden Thomas, Ann Elise Smoot, Gary Sieling and Dan Soper are all writing pieces. We’ll learn about the importance of organ courses, applying to a conservatoire, applying for an organ scholarship, the role of an adjudicator, publishing music books and organising the #WorldCupCathedralOrgans competition. In the meantime my wonderful friends are writing about their experiences of applying for a Cathedral organ scholarship, the ARCO experience and more. Others I have asked are writing about Hauptwerk and helping inspiring the next generation.

I am bouncing and grinning from ear to ear!


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