A Michael Concert!

A Tuesday just after February half term can only mean a Michael student concert. This time, fourteen of us gathered to sing, play the piano and/or violin. They’re tremendously supportive events where, if you make a mistake it doesn’t matter!

The concerts give us an opportunity to perform in front of an audience as we prepare for our exams.

My first piece was Ophelia’s Song. I’m learning this for my grade 8 exam which I hope to take in the summer. It didn’t quite go to plan, I forgot a word and had a minor panic! Thankfully Michael gave me a hint, enough to get back in and keep going.

My second piece was Rustle of Spring. This piece is for my diploma which I take in May. There are a couple of areas that need sorting, but overall I was rather happy with my playing. The piece is special to me. My Great Grandma played it and Baba rang the doorbell as she was recording it. He tells me he wasn’t very popular! My hope is playing this piece brings fond memories for him and makes Great Grandma proud as she looks down on us.

One comment

  1. Michael seems such a wonderful educator who suits you and can learn lots of things with! I hope he has adult and senior students as well!


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