This weekend I should have had one of the busiest musical weekends ever. I was meant to be part of the school musical orchestra (sadly it clashed with other things), I also had Swindon Music Festival competition, Bristol Eisteddfod competition,Devizes Eisteddfod concert, Mother’s Day service and two music lessons.

Instead, it’s been a quiet weekend where I’ve got ready to study from home for who knows how long.

I’ve also enjoyed a lesson with Chris over FaceTime. I wasn’t convinced it would work, but in actual fact it was brilliant, different and fun! I am so pleased to know that I have lessons sorted with the best teacher I could ask for.

I’m blessed to have a room I can study and play in that I can call my own. I’m blessed to have my own organ and piano at home to keep playing in these tough times. I’m blessed to be safe and well, along with those I love.

Stay safe and well. X


  1. Anna I am so very sorry for you that you have been hit with all these cancellations. That is the tidiest teenager desk that I have ever seen! Did you download and watch the service from St John’s? I found it comforting, though very strange without the music


  2. I suppose your Grade 8 Organ exam has been cancelled? Not at all good as we know how hard you’ve worked. But you can still give recitals on your own organ via your Youtube channel?


    • I’d not actually entered for it but did hope to do it in the summer. Now I’m not so sure. I shall do some recordings nice I’ve got to grips with home school learning.


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