This evening I sat down with my Easter gift and parents to watch an organ recital by Richard McVeigh.

I’ve met Richard a couple of times he’s played for our choir when we’ve visited cathedrals. He’s an inspiration, very supportive and encouraging and very talented.

I was thrilled that he invited me to write the programme notes for the recital. I learned so much in doing the research and listening to the pieces beforehand. I am sure you’d enjoy listening as much as I did – you can view here Beauty in Sound. My programme notes may or may not be of use!

I hope you enjoy the recital and subscribe to the channel. You won’t regret it!


  1. Resurrexit! Sorry, can’t help thinking about Brexit!!!!!!!……….and on that note, have a lovely and peaceful Easter, Hallett family!!


  2. Apologies incomplete comment. Thank you for such detailed and informative programme notes that I hope to keep, very well done


  3. I’m sorry not to have heard all of it, but the pieces that I did hear were a joy. Also wonderful camera work of the organist and actually very helpful to distinguish the separate parts.


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