National Organ Day

Today is #NationalOrganDay. The RCO arranged it as a celebration of organs, to encourage people to give it a go and to get people talking about the King of Instruments. There were events organised across the country and I think it would have been a superb day.

I would have been in Bridport with PipeUp – there was even going to be pizza, just like the event where I first played the organ.

Sadly everything has been cancelled (due to COVID-19 – I’m putting that to remind myself in the future!). However, the good news is the organ has been celebrated across social media and it has been awesome to see! There is already a date set for next year – 17 April and it’s #InternationalOrganDay.

Here’s my offering, a not quite complete Joie et Clarte des Corps Glorieux by Messiaen. National Organ Day

I think today is a really good day for me to say a HUGE thank you to PipeUp for introducing me to the organ and providing me with lessons, a HUGE thank you to RSCM for making me a Pipeline Scholar, providing lessons, music, courses and more and the most ENORMOUS THANK YOU possible to Chris for his guidance, support, encouragement, opportunities and belief in me and my organ playing!

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