Church of England Newspaper

I always feel a huge sense of pride when I see my words in print.

Then I have a panic and worry that people will think I’ve written rubbish!

My article in this weeks edition of Church of England Newspaper is about learning the organ (and other instruments) in lockdown along with the role of the organist during services in the future.

I’d be so interested to know the views of others. There has been lots of talk about no singing, but not much about what could be done.


  1. Excellent article, Anna.I think we are all straining at the leash to get back and give the services, however restricted, some suitable background and atmosphere. Enjoyed your Bach-a-thon contribution, too!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad Michael LesterBell Hill FarmStaintondale Scarborough YO13 0EP


  2. Anna Congratulations on your thoughtful, and very personal, article. You write beautifully, as always and full of good ideas as to how organists can contribute in these difficult times


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