As you’ll have noticed, I haven’t blogged for a while, I have however been enjoying my summer holiday!

For the last three weeks I’ve been in Dumfries and Galloway enjoying a break with my family. The weather wasn’t ideal but we had a super time.

While I was away I also took part in the TOSE course which was held online for the first time. Obviously it wasn’t the same as the real thing but 55 of us undoubtedly picked up hints and tips during the eight sessions. With tutors such as Dan Moult, Tom Bell and Simon Williams, how could we not?!

Just before we ventured north I enjoyed a seminar with Chris and Rosemary Field, head of RSCM organ studies. We spent two hours together via Zoom. The big highlight for me was playing with improvisation. It’s not something I’m very comfortable with so to play and respond to others to develop my technique was great fun.

As well as continuing my lessons with Chris during the first few weeks of holiday I also had a couple of one to one lessons with Dan Moult over Zoom. We worked through some Bach but also discussed the pros and cons of conservatoires/uni, gap years, various placements etc. All so useful and much to think about.

So, whilst it’s the holidays I have been busy and today there was a hint of returning to normal with a socially distanced organ lesson at St John’s with Chris. It felt so good to be back!


  1. Anna you are amazing. Most people would just go on holiday, but you have been as busy as ever.
    Hope you will be back at St John’s keyboard soon


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