A Service!

I can’t tell you how good it felt to be back in church on Sunday, the added bonus was that I also played the voluntary! Even though there were no flowers and just the small numbers allowed (31 plus clergy and those helping) it felt quite normal being there.

Obviously services are a little different at the moment without choir or congregation singing. As such, we now have organ music taking a more prominent part in the worship. So, once notices had been read and the first prayer said, I took to the organ and play Karg-Elert’s Nun danket alle Gott. It is one of my grade 8 pieces and it is the first time I have played it in public. I was delighted with how it went and was even more delighted to receive so many kind comments from the congregation and from those who have seen a snippet on Twitter. You can hear the full piece from the church Facebook livestream about 8 minutes in. It’s amazing the sound of the piece in church with full reverb which I don’t tend to have on at home.

I found wearing a mask made playing a little tricky. I usually just occasionally glance at my feet to ensure they are in the right place, but found myself really having to look down to check. I suppose this will become the new normal and in due course I won’t think anything of it.

Chris played the other pieces during the service and was so good to hear him playing live again too!

I will be playing in services for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully thereafter we may see choir being able to sing as part of the service. Even if it is just small groups of us and we have to have a rota, anything is better than nothing!

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