A blessing!

In more ways than one, today has been an extra special day.

First, after weeks of lockdown and of course no singing, choir were back in church! It was only a small group of us, well distanced, and we only sang one anthem (hymns aren’t being sung in case the congregation join in), but we sang! Sitting apart from each other and feeling almost like you’re soloing, not being able to hug each other or even wear robes will take some getting used to but it’ll be worth it! Not least, I got to see my choir friends again, face to face. I’ve missed them so much!

The second blessing of the day was Rosie, Chris’ daughter turned one. Sadly, due to covid, her christening had to be postponed (Chris has written a piece for choir to sing on that special day), so today, on her first birthday, she was blessed. Rosie was very smiley and happy and it was wonderful to be part of the special family occasion.

Which leads me to thirdly….Chris and Jenny gave me the honour of playing the organ just after Rosie was blessed. I was delighted to be asked. Of all the occasions I have played at, never has one been more special than this. Chris choose the Messiaen, Joie et clarté: No. 6 from Les corps Glorieux. He introduced it for me as ‘wacky’. I think that’s fair!

The ‘non blessing’ of the day was the final voluntary I’d also been asked to play. I know I can play Karg-Elert’s Nun danket alle Gott, but today, with the wrong trousers on, far too slippy, I didn’t do the piece or myself justice. I was very disappointed and rather relieved many of the congregation didn’t hang around to hear it. Chris was brilliant about it. On the plus side I kept playing until a suitable conclusion and I have learned a lesson about testing attire before playing in public again. The link to the recording is from a couple of weeks ago – you’d not want to hear this weeks!

One comment

  1. It was still wonderful that it was you playing, Anna. One slip doesn’t undo years of incredible progress! And the Messiaen was inspirational! Rosie is so lucky – maybe she will follow in your footsteps one day!


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