The Organ Manual

Today, The Organ Manual website ( celebrates its first birthday! I am so incredibly proud of this site and all it has to offer.

The website has had over 5,000 individual visitors who have viewed over 15,000 pages. Whilst the site promotes the UK organ world, there are users from around the globe logging on. 34 blog posts have been published and there are many more lined up for the coming months. There are currently 51 subscribers to the site.

I set up The Organ Manual because I felt there was a need for a one-stop shop (pun intended!) for organ information. Having received thanks from users looking for vestments or music, I know that the site has been of use and am thrilled and humbled when such mails come through. It delights me each time I ask someone to write a piece for the blog and they agree to do so, or when people approach me asking to write one. I hope you will agree that there have been some amazing articles providing a range of insights into the organ world. Finally, I am most proud that two organisations, the RSCM and Viscount Organs Wales kindly offer sponsorship to help maintain and fund the site.

Thank you so much to all those who follow Pipes Keys and Chords for your encouragement with the site! Happy birthday The Organ Manual!

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