I am so very lucky to have support from many Organists across the country.

A couple of months ago, Huw Morgan told me he was having a clear out and asked if I’d like some of the music he no longer wanted or needed. Naturally I jumped at the chance. A mutual friend, Alastair Johnson visited and collected the a box, which he then added to! My parents collected it for me this weekend (I’m busy revising for exams). Never did I think there’d be this much music! So much to look through, learn and enjoy!

In the meantime, Vernon Hoyle has had more music published and once again very generously sent me copies.

To top it off, this week I’ve published a blog post on The Organ Manual by Daniel Moult, next month there’ll be a piece by Anne Marsden Thomas and the following month Ann Elise Smoot writes.

How very lucky I am to have such incredible support.

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