St Cecilia’s Day

If ever there was a day to celebrate music it would be today, St Cecilia’s day. With lockdown 2, things have been a little quiet on the music front. However this week, I’ve been able to take advantage of a trip to St John’s to record music for the service which was broadcast on the church Facebook page and You Tube channel.

So, it being a day to celebrate music, what better way than with Karg-Elert’s ‘Nun Danket Alle Gott’. One of the reasons I picked this music for my grade 8 exam was because it is loud and proud and I think it sounds magnificent. I certainly played it with pride on Thursday evening and was delighted to see it as part of the service today.

You can follow the link to the YouTube video: Music for St Cecilia’s Day

Despite lockdown, school has been busy with plenty of tests to keep me occupied. Of course at the moment I’m continuing to work on the assumption I’ll be taking GCSE exams in the summer. If not, every test could count towards centre assessed grades, so nothing short of my very best will do. Time to go and revise some more…..Geography, History and Maths this week.


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