Online services

Services have continued online during lockdown and this weekend I was privileged to have another recording feature as a voluntary which you can see below.


Having watched the service, I headed to church for grade 8 preparation. The exam series was cancelled in the summer due to covid. On Friday I decided to start lessons from school remotely so I’d be safe for 9th December. I’ll do all I can for covid not to impact me this exam season!

Due to lockdown, I’ve not been in church to rehearse at all recently but, this exam is so important to me I’m trying to take advantage where I can. Lessons are all well and good, a home organ is great, but I have so many stop changes I need to ensure I know exactly what I’m doing on the organ I’ll be playing in the exam.

It’s very ‘easy’ just to play scales through. This time I had my Mum call them out in random order to really test me. Despite cold fingers and cold toes they went well!

We also did a complete run through of pieces. Mum isn’t the best at page turning, but we made it through without too many moans from either side!

Not long now to the big day! Before that however we actually have a service live, in church, I can’t wait!

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