Grade 8 Organ

I always said I wouldn’t sit an organ exam in the winter again. The church is so cold and it’s hard to keep fingers warm and nimble. Having said that, a friend of mine said they’d struggled to stay cool after taking an exam one summer, so maybe there’s never a good time?!

My grade 8 organ was postponed in the summer due to Covid. I was determined to take it at the next opportunity even if I’d missed some face to face lessons and it was a winter sitting! Last week i decided to learn online so I knew I’d not be in isolation for the exam, nor ill for the exam. As it happened, my classmates joined me online five days later as there was a positive covid test in our year group. The benefit of learning online is more time at home for music, a huge bonus for me!

Knowing church would be cold for the exam, I took my hot water bottle, fingerless gloves and wrapped up warm. Chris met me and we had a quick run through before the examiner arrived.

I guess there will always be errors that play on your mind afterwards, but all in all I was pleased with my performance. Chris page turned and said I played really well, looked calm and as though I was enjoying playing. My scales were good, sight reading was steady, transposition went well and aurals weren’t too bad.

I’ll keep you posted!

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