Sweet 16!

Today I celebrated my 16th birthday! It was a real surprise to wake to a full covering of snow and balloons to mark my birthday we’re an even bigger one!

Despite lockdown I was lucky to receive lots of gifts and cards from friends and family along with plenty of lovely birthday wishes. I have been saving up for a special ring and now have enough to have it made, partly through savings and partly through using gold from my grandparents and what would have belonged to great grandparents. I can’t wait to get it made!

I particularly liked the mouse at the organ and choristers I was given!

Even in the snow, DPD managed to deliver a bouquet of flowers, the first I’ve ever received and now taking pride of place in my bedroom.

During the afternoon I did some revision, before enjoying ‘Virtual church’ from ‘Beauty in sound’, where Richard McVeigh not only played the piece I was born to (by request) ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ but also to challenged me to learn ‘Like is the Hart’ by Howells. I shall gave to order the music!

Dinner was a real treat! As we couldn’t go out, my parents brought the restaurant to us. We enjoyed a three course meal of baked cheese, beef wellington and birthday cake.

It’s fair to say it’s not the way I expected to spend my birthday. I had really hoped to be in church with my choir friends and then see family for lunch. Even without covid, I don’t think with the weather today that would have been possible, our village road hasn’t been passable for most of the day. Having said that, my parents have made such a huge effort to make today special and it really has been wonderful. I’m a very lucky lady!

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