Stonar to Stonar Challenge

You may recall I mentioned school had set a challenge, for staff and pupils, to walk from old Stonar (Kent) to new Stonar (Wiltshire). The total distance of 187 miles. The challenge was to walk, ride, run, cycle the distance alone or as part of a team. My family and I embraced the challenge and finished the walk (we’re not runners, cyclists or riders!) last weekend. Thankfully for us we had Mr Fudge as part of our team.

To complete our miles we explored various historic areas of Wiltshire. Here’s a selection from each walk:

Avebury and the Ridgeway

Seend Loop


Semington Loop

Caen Hill

Stonehenge Landscape

Castle Coombe Loop

Devizes Town

Windmill Hill

West Kennet Longbarrow

Oliver’s Castle

The challenge was set to raise funds for our school charity, Coppershell Farm. Below is a short video of our walks with more images and miles detailed as they mount up.

Stonar to Stonar challenge video

Donation page

Tomorrow the challenge ends and so does the Spring Term. I’m looking forward to a short break, following a very intense couple of weeks being back at school, lots of tests and evidence gathering. Then it’ll be time to revise for more assessments, play the piano and organ a lot and enjoy a few days away (hopefully!) in the New Forest.

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