Choir are back…

… at least we were on Friday night! The current rules and regulations don’t allow the whole choir to sing each week, so instead each week a small group accompany the Sunday morning service. I’ve been lucky to be part of several of these either playing the organ or singing and it’s been great to be back and be part of the worship.

This week however we did something a little different. On Friday evening the whole choir gathered outside for our first full choir rehearsal since last March!

Following an hour long rehearsal with the sun setting, we held a Compline service with a congregation. To have choir sing responses, psalms and anthems together was wonderful! We’ve not be able to do so for over a year and it was quite emotional.

I’ve said before, choir are like family and this service really brought that home to me. I realised how much I had missed them. Catching up on Zoom each week has been great but it’s not the same. To end the evening with a rendition of ‘Happy birthday’ for two of those on the treble line highlighted just how special being together, making music, really is.

Now we wait for an announcement about the return of a full choir to inside church services. Hopefully it won’t be long.


  1. It was such a joy to have everyone back and especially to see the choristers so happy to be reunited with their friends after such a long time. But everyone picked up, just as though it was a normal Friday! A bit chilly though!!


    • Wonderful for you all to meet again. More of the same and warmer weather too has to be on the way. Love N and B.


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