It’s almost the end of an era!

As you’ll know, I started having organ lessons following a Pipes and Pizza event in 2014. Chris, who was/is the Director of Music at the church I sang at agreed to teach me and I fell in love with the organ.

Lessons were 20mins, then 30mins and within a matter of months I was enjoying an hour a week and working on grades, skills, confidence and being given opportunities that had never crossed my mind! Who knew someone would have much faith in me?!

Chris did.

He believed in me from the very start and has offered every encouragement I could ask for. How many photos are on this blog of him by my side?!

He was by my side as I struggled to get through my first experience of playing a voluntary in a church service and has been there on every occasion since. He’s been there through each exam (grade 2-8) to offer support, calm my nerves and more latterly page-turn for me too. He’s supported me in my recital preparation and most recently he’s advised and supported me as I start ARCO preparation. He’s given me opportunities to play at some really important events from Carol services to the Mayors service and most importantly to me, the blessing service for his daughter. He’s invited me to watch him play at recitals, then to page-turn for him and allowed me to play at cathedrals we visited with choir, just for the experience of playing.

With choir, he’s encouraged and supported me. I’ve grown from a seven year old who liked to sing but lacked confidence or voice to a sixteen year old who adores singing, happily sings solos, proudly wears her RSCM Gold award medal and considers choir to be extended family.

Sadly however, our time together, for now, is coming to an end as Chris moves to Cambridge in the summer. To say I will miss him is the biggest understatement! However, as Chris says, ‘This isn’t the end’. I know we’ll keep in touch. I know he’ll want updates on the good news and the bad. I know he’ll be there to offer advice and support. I know whenever I’m in Cambridge there’s a friend there for me. For all that and more I am truly grateful and very lucky.

Thankfully, we have a couple of months to continue to work together – I’m not looking forward to our final service together!

One comment

  1. You’ve obviously wonderful memories of your progress on the organ and your time in St John’s choir. Chris has encouraged you in your musical journey and has been a great support. It is so lovely that you appreciate all his efforts. You’ve been a good team!
    Now it’s pastures new for both of you but I’m certain you’ll keep in touch.


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