Farewell – for now

Sadly Chris took his last choir rehearsal and service with us today before he moves to Cambridge. The service was full of music, enhanced by the fact that, for the first time since last March, the whole choir and many who join us on occasions, were together. Graham Coatman also joined the choir for the service. From September he will be our Director of Music and I’m looking forward to learning from him as I have with Chris.

For the last time, Chris stood by me as I played during a service.

The service concluded with speeches and presentations to Chris and his family before a rousing voluntary and a hymn outside.

I’ve so much to thank Chris for. I joined choir in 2012, enjoying singing but having little voice or confidence. Nine years on, I’ve worked through the RSCM awards and am the proud to have the Gold Award, encouraged by Chris to give some tricky music a go for the exam and rising to the challenge. I’d never thought about playing the organ until Chris arranged a ‘Pipes and Pizza’ event at Edington. In the seven years since I’ve taken seven grades with Chris. We’ve worked through music choices for services and exams and through it all he’s been by my side offering advice and support. The music I’ve learned has changed my life and I am so thankful for it.

So, it’s fair to say I shall miss Chris and his teaching enormously, but I know he will always be at the end of a text, call or mail….and I look forward to seeing him in September when I visit Cambridge….so it is only farewell for now!

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